Welcome to my Blog!

The front page of my empty blog was taunting me, “ready to publish your first post?” No. “Get started here.” Do I have to?

Well, apparently so because lo and behold, here I am. Me, Brent Goff, a blogger? Never in a million years. No way, No how. Or at least, that’s what I would have said three weeks ago.

People may assume that having obtained a university degree in English Studies writing a blog for eight weeks would be easy. Nope. Essays? Sure, I’ll whip one up now if you’d like. Book reviews? No problem. But an opinion piece in a public forum? That’s just not my thing.

So what do I do? Of course, I do what any responsible, computer-literate person with a problem would do, I turn to Google. There I found Anthony  Miller’s “Internet Marketing Blog” and specifically his post about simplifying blog writing. Now his post is geared more towards blogs for a business rather than a personal blog, but I think there are useful points we can get out of it.

The first piece of advice Anthony offers is to write shorts posts. KISS, that’s what several teachers have told us about everything in our first few weeks at St. Lawrence.

Keep It Simple, Stupid (taken from Creative Commons)

Another piece of advice which stood out to me was to keep a list of ideas. I think this will be particularly useful for me because a lot of my nervousness stems from finding a topic which is interesting to both write and read. A list of ideas will allow me to come back to things which struck me days, weeks, and even months earlier.

Knowing that I’m not the only hesitant first time blogger out there is comforting. Maybe you’re wondering what my strategy for writing is. I write everything out by hand first, even this blog. It just feels natural to me.

I suppose I’ll just have to get used to writing in a public forum. I mean after all, isn’t life just one big public forum?

OK here I go, *click* Publish.

My hand written rough draft of this blog

My hand written rough draft of this blog