The Importance of Teamwork

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” — Babe Ruth


Babe Ruth’s 1927 New York Yankees

This is important coming from Babe Ruth because he is best remembered for his individual accomplishments. In particular for his home run record, which stood for nearly 50 years after he retired. What is often forgotten is that Ruth was part of 7 World Series winning teams.

It is rare that any great team is successful solely because of one member. I’m sure even the greats such as Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan would agree with that, and they were often regarded as the leaders of their teams.

I bring up the importance of teamwork because in this past week my classmates and I have become a part of three different teams for school projects. Some teams we chose ourselves and some were assigned.

Our professors have reminded us time and time again that teamwork is going to be a major component of our lives in the workplace, and that most of the time we will not be able to chose who we work with. So, although some of my classmates were displeased with some of their groups, that is part of the learning process.

I found a great article about teamwork on the University of Waterloo website. The article lists four qualities of a successful team: openness, trust, support and respect. I think these hit the nail on the head. All the successful teams I’ve been on have had these four qualities and they seem pretty logical to me no matter how big or small the team is.

It is important to realize that although certain members of a team will be stronger in some areas than others, everyone will have something valuable to contribute.Team Of 8 Blue People Holding Up Connected Pieces To A Colorful Puzzle That Spells Out "Team," Symbolizing Excellent Teamwork, Success And Link Exchanging Clipart Illustration Graphic

It’s undeniable that Babe Ruth couldn’t have won those World Series by himself. Baseball requires offense, defense, pitching and hitting. Similarly, our group projects will require research, writing, editing, and presenting.

Who knows, maybe one person on my team will be the “Babe Ruth” of researching. Maybe another will be the “Wayne Gretzky” of presenting.

You tell me. What makes a good team?


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