Lexus “Moments” Commercial: An Ad Report Card

The Spot
The commercial begins with the narrator saying “A moment, if you please,” while “A MOMENT” is displayed in white letters on a black background. The narrator then describes various types of moments while they are displayed on-screen. Some examples include: “Moments can be long,” while showing a depressed man; “Moments of joy,” while a soldier reunites with his wife; “Moments of passion,” while a couple dances; “Moments you’ll never forget, moments you’ve already forgotten,” while showing a man being lifted by an elephant and then a boring, dull lunch.

A moment, if you please.

A moment, if you please.

Eventually the narrator says, “If all the stars align at just the right moment, that moment can be perfect,” while a surfer is shown riding a huge wave. Finally a Lexus car is shown driving along a rode as the narrator says, “Moments can change your life, so here’s to the moment, and squeezing all you can out of every last single one of them. Pursue the moment. Lexus: the pursuit of perfection.” The Lexus logo is then shown in white on a black background. This commercial can be viewed here

The Challenge
A typical car commercial is something that we all know so well. A driver is shown swerving in and our of sharp turns through a sleek city or picturesque landscape with the car slowing down or coming to a stop somewhere in the focus of the camera. These commercials are so common I’m you’re having no trouble picturing it in your head right now (but just in case, here’s one).

The point I’m trying to make here is that we’re so used to these types of commercials that they’re hardly effective in reaching us, and often, because we’ve seen them so much, we’re so zoned out that we don’t even notice the brand of the car.

That said, I think the challenge Lexus faced was making a commercial that could stand out, while still portraying the luxury that is associated with Lexus cars.

The Idea
The idea that Lexus is trying to portray here is that life is made up of a variety of moments. Some are good, some are bad, and occasionally when everything comes together we all have a moment that is just perfect. Lexus cars embody and can provide these perfect moments.Lexus Logo 3

The Execution
This Lexus commercial displays many different types of moments, good and bad, that most people have experienced on some level.

The ad plays with our emotions by bringing us up and down with the good and bad moments before coming to an ultimate high with “the perfect moment” that can “change your life” and showing the Lexus car.

By focusing on the moments and emotions that go along with them this ad effectively strays away from the typical car commercial mentioned above.

What Works
This is the first commercial I can remember enjoying and truly being moved by. The emotional roller coaster that it takes viewers on really works to generate interest in the commercial and in Lexus. The Lexus car isn’t even shown until the :36 second mark and the Lexus logo isn’t shown until :44 seconds. By this time viewers are so drawn in that they can’t help but watch.

Not showing that it is a car commercial right away is effective because had Lexus done so, viewers likely would not be as interested in the commercial, no matter how great it may be.

I think the videos used to illustrate different moments work very well. I have already mentioned several examples in the spot so I will refrain from listing them again. I will say; however, that I think the video of the surfer on the huge wave is a really powerful image of everything coming together for the perfect moment right before introducing the Lexus car.surfing

Like a surfer, a driver needs perfect conditions, control, timing, and a sense of adventure. With all of these things driving on an open road can be a perfect moment.

Creatively, I think this commercial is very well done. Most of the videos used seem to be homemade footage. This can really help viewers identify with the emotions in the moments.

What Doesn’t Work
Honestly, I can’t think of anything that doesn’t work in this commercial. It fits together very nicely, the creative work is excellent, and it’s not a typical car commercial. If you have any issues with this commercial please comment on this post, I’m interested to know what you think.

Final Grade
I give this commercial 10 out of 10 perfect moments. As detailed above, I think this commercial works really well as a whole and stands out among other car commercials. In effect, the Lexus brand stands out as well. This commercial is one of those rare moments that Lexus mentioned where everything comes together just perfectly.



Well, it’s December now and the first semester of 2013-14 is winding down at St. Lawrence College. Students are busy with final projects and presentations and teachers are equally busy with marking and calculating grades. Still, the learning has not stopped at St. Lawrence College.

On Wednesday, December 11, I had the pleasure of attending a St. Lawrence College exclusive event called TrendsTalk. TrendsTalk is a conference that focuses on the newest trends in social, mobile and interactive marketing. It is a free event that has been held for three years now at St. Lawrence College.

tt header

The audience includes a large number of students and faculty from the School of Business, St. Lawrence alumni, Kingston business owners and many other professionals from the Kingston community and beyond.

One neat feature of TrendsTalk is that, unlike much of the semester, the Integrated Marketing Communication students are the ones teaching and leading seminars. The IMC faculty, while offering assistance and guidance in preparation for the event, really emphasize the role of students as the leaders of the event.

Free swag that I won during TrendsTalk!

Free swag that I won during TrendsTalk!

This certainly is one of the strengths of TrendsTalk as it really helps to highlight the great work done at St. Lawrence College, and specifically in the IMC program. Students get a chance to display their ideas, knowledge and professionalism in front of many of Kingston’s business professionals; potential employers.

Another strength of TrendsTalk is the audience interaction. At the end of each seminar there is a question period where guests can continue the discussion and explore the ideas that were presented. As well, the hashtag #TrendsTalk13 was used throughout the day as another avenue for discussion and even for live tweeting of the event. This hashtag also allowed strangers in the audience to connect and share ideas.

Without further ado, I’d like to highlight some of the seminars I attended and the students behind them.

“Blogging for Business” was hosted by Synde Smythe & Taylor Young and focused on how a blog can be a great way for businesses, especially small businesses, to connect with customers and the community. A blog will not stand on its own, they warned, and must be integrated with other communication strategies to be effective.

The Fortune Cookie Principle by Bernadette Jiwa

The Fortune Cookie Principle by Bernadette Jiwa

“The Fortune Cookie Principle” was a presentation by Shaun Withers & Kristen Deyo. Their presentation was based on the book by Bernadette Jiwa and focused on creating content that is fresh, shareable and engaging, as well as connecting with customers through a good story. (Plus, there was actual fortune cookies, mmmm).

The third presentation I attended was “Multi-Platform Social Media Marketing,” hosted by Hollie Knapp-Fisher & Joshua Hartson. They explained the values and benefits of several different social medias, but emphasized the importance of selecting which platform(s) would be most effective for one’s business and doing them really well.

The final presentation that I attended was “Websites as Your Hub” by Kyle Carr and James Potts. This presentation discussed the benefits of having a main website that links to all of a business’ online presence. Their analogy of a main train station with inbound and outbound tracks was really effective.hqdefault

There were several other seminars which I did not list here or was not able to attend, but I’ve been told they were equally as great as the ones mentioned here. Some of the Powerpoints and Prezis used are available on the TrendsTalk website and more will be up soon (I believe).

I’m sure all who participated in TrendsTalk 2013 will agree that it was an overwhelming success for the IMC students and for St. Lawrence College, perhaps even the best yet.

I am sure that TrendsTalk will continue to be a staple at St. Lawrence College for years to come and I look forward to the day when I have to opportunity to be a contributing part of it.